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April 05th 2013 32 notes

omg… Hideyoshi family+Ieyasu is the best… <3
Mitsunari’s so happy… And he’s drunk… ;w;

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    I have never wanted a simple mug this badly in my life. The Toyotomi army one, of course. Aaarrgrhrgrh………
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    There’s only one reason i can think of for why Mitsunari is smiling…
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    The mug on the left… is that Mittsun SMILING!?oAo♥♥♥
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    That’s actually be pretty cute … hehehe.
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    MY god THAT IEYASU AND HANBEI ON THE LEFT CUP OwO And I think that’s Keiji on the right…. I REALLY WANT THESE
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