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July 23rd 2014 1 note

Spams everyone with my products today. =7=<3

Followers!?!! Where did all of you come from?! Σ(゜Д゜*)
Ahaha. >U< Hello, hello! Thank you so much for the follow! Please enjoy the stay! (I should greet everyone with my official welcoming speech! Oh no! But followers already accumulated. There’s so many of you now. omo)

Uwaaaah. Those messages in my inboooox. *happy crying* Gonna asnwer it someo ther time. ///>///</// Ahehe. But right now, it’s good night. Night, everyone! uvu。°Zzz

July 23rd 2014 14 notes

I had a  Basara dream last night! I rarely dream! So YE-HA!!! \(°ワ°)/
I can’t remember the whole story but it’s about Tadatsugu and it’s all about

… Oh… It was quite a sad dream… _(. - .)_

July 23rd 2014 12 notes

Practicing whole body Teretsugu. —I-I mean, Tadatsugu. xD

July 23rd 2014
Anonymous asked: I love Mitsunari and Tadatsugu's expression in the bond comic~ Mitsunari just goes like this :v soooo cute

Ahaha! I love that, too! >U< Thank you so much!!!<333

July 23rd 2014 14 notes

Anon request. owo MasaChika 10 and 12

This is like they played basketball and Chika lose.(???) xD
(UGH… I couldn’t resist! @///@ I need to draw mmmmmmmmmuslces.)

July 22nd 2014
You’re incredible, Takechiyo.
Well, of course, Mouri-dono!!!
July 22nd 2014

Okay! So tomorrow, I’ll continue my color meme requests. >///<
Ahaha. I took a little rest doing those for a while(—?! Nooo it has been years!) Sorry! >< Hopefully I can finish even a single request tomorrow. Well, let’s just hope for the best and pray there won’t be any power interruptions. =A=;


July 22nd 2014 33 notes

Tadakatsu’s like, “Asa!”
A Tagalog word means Hope. Offensive expression - by people who think they are winners to those they think are losers. (teaches random Filipino. Thank you urbandictionary for explaining that for me. xD)

Awesome ‘coz all of them call Ieyasu, Ieyasu. xD (except for Tadakatsu, I think. For me he calls him Ieyasu-sama. If ever it’s just the two of them, alone, then he calls Ieyasu as dearest. ♥EH!♥) Ahaha. Kinda obvious what’s my no.1 otp. >U<

July 22nd 2014 14 notes

I zoomed in and out the video, scratched the screen million of times!!!
LOOKATHIM! Look closely! Those two strokes of cuteness is really there!!
GOLLY. He seriously looks like this (◎《„°ω°》
NO. I am so not done with this. YES.

July 22nd 2014 1 note
Take care of yourself and stay safe!
Yes, Bee-chan. I will! >U< *hugs* Thank you!!!<3
July 22nd 2014 52 notes


I haven’t gotten a chance to teach myself how to draw the other characters yet, so bear with me drawing only these two for awhile… =u=;;;

Yes, my blog’s turning very yellow~ <x’D

July 22nd 2014 1 note
Be careful friend :3
Thank you, Meazuki-chaaan! *hugs*
July 22nd 2014 30 notes

Rainy days. Don’t forget your umbrella! Watch out for ponds! Stay dry! Don’t get sick! Take vitamin C!
Another storm is coming. Hope it’s not powerful!
Take care, everyone! ヾ(>A<)ノシ

July 22nd 2014 1 note

I killed the flying roach. ._. And it felt so goooooooood I wanna do it again. *randomly sings*

No! Wait! I dowanna go face to face with a flying roach! AGAIN! U don’t know what they are thinking. U dont know where they’ll land! uuugh. *falls to the ground*

July 22nd 2014 47 notes


Because I told Takechiyo that Imma doodle a thing. So have some Tadatsugu~ *___*„

*excitedly waits for Tadatsugu to start glaring at Tadakatsu in the anime* <x’DD

Uweee. Everyone’s so adorable. Ahaha TereTsugu!`▽´
YEAH! I thought Tadatsugu would do that in ep 3! Golly, but noooo, not yet. Daaw. xD *excitedly waits with you*

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