I kept on looking at the aquarium where Lu Blu(my late Betta fish) once lived expecting to see him there with his blue beautiful fins… But no one is there…
So earlier I bough two hammerhead fish and named them Guo Hai and Ba!!! Yaay! <3

Looked around my old folders and found random drawings and comics. Mostly are AU. —!!! Forgive about my random writings. o///o


Anonymous sent:

"Mama, Mama!!" Takechiyo runs up to you, a huge smile on his face as he clutches a small chocolate bunny in his hands. "I wanted to thank you for everything you do for me and Tadakatsu-dono! It's Easter today, too!" He hands you the bunny, slightly melted but still delicious. "Come with me, Tadakatsu has something to show us!!" He grabs your hand and leads you.

Ieyasu gazed at the melted bunny chocolate with teary yet sparkly and joyful eyes. “Happy Easter to you too, my baby.” He greeted back then took a small bite at the chocolate, slowly consuming it all while he was tugged by his son, wondering where could he be taking him. There are just too many questions in his mind but he didn’t even bother speaking anymore because he do love surprises, he doesn’t want to spoil himself. Ieyasu let Takechiyo say it through his actions.

He smiled and enjoyed the moment with his beloved child.

EEeeeh! *huggles siberian74* ♥


Waaah… Commission anyone? >///<

Latest fanarts are Sengoku Basara but I can draw any other fandom. I can say that I am pretty flexible. =w=
Prices are negotiable~ Since I am really new with this. ////

I can also do Shimejii commission now. owo)/



At Shakey’s today to have a belated celebration for my birthay.
And a waiter gave me an unexpected one scoop vanila ice cream! Ah waaaaat?! Omfg! ;/////;

Belated Happy Birthday! Next time, you treat us on our Birthday.8D Nyahahaha!♥

Oh yeah, the family shared the Birthday ice cream.

Aaand currently we’re on our way to the special Selecta Magnum Ice Cream Shop at the Mall… well, to have Ice Cream.xDDDDD

I should really go and do that! ;w; Thank you for everything, Dete! <333

A somehow Ieyasu themed Magnum ice cream! >w< <333

And after eating it I went hyper(high blood sugar) ugh. |||orz


You need me? …Erm, how I can help uketokugawaieyasu you?
??? You want to be yelling nicknames and stuff? I need to create you a nickname so… But I don’t know how to nickname you :<.
Ah, your theme is bitching with me, so I needed to create a new post to answer you. Seriously, that wasn’t nice >.>

Ahahaa. I just need someone to call Mitsunari. Ahahaa. >/////<
Oh! Oh! You can just call me as little Ieyasu. That is Takechiyo. >w< Or Ieyasu? Aah. >///< But you can really call me anything. >v< I love nicknames!<3

Yeah… I’m having some problems with my theme, too. I should change it as soon as possible. ;^; So sorry about that.

uketokugawaieyasu sent:

Mitsunari receives a letter from Takechiyo and it reads, "Hi, Mitsunari! It's been a while, isn't it? How are you? I hope your eating well."

It took time before the reply was sent to Mitsunari due to unexpected rains that slowed the messenger down. But as the messenger arrived he directly went to Mitsunari and gave the letter to not risk his life.


Mitsunari frowned as he received Takechiyo’s letter, read it one time and decided to answer to it. The male walked until his room, sat on the ground in front of the small table that has some papers, nanking and a pencil on it, to start writing in the first paper in his front after had read the letter a second time.

Yes, it indeed has been a while.
I am not different from the usual. And about you?

Different of the mostly of the times, the commandant had been polite enough to ask about how the other was, even though he already had idea of what the younger was going to answer. “…” The male swallowed hard about the last question since he was eating even less than before, because of this the Ishida had the impression that the other would complain about the truth.

I cannot confirm about this.

I’m good. Wait, you said, not different from the usual? That means you still don’t go out, do you?
And you still don’t eat?
Mitsunari, you can’t do this. You can’t serve Hideyoshi-dono without an empty stomach.

At Shakey’s today to have a belated celebration for my birthay.
And a waiter gave me an unexpected one scoop vanila ice cream! Ah waaaaat?! Omfg! ;/////;

Seeing a lot of the plush being reblogged and aaaaaaaeeeeehh
No Yasu—?!!! ;3;

It’s 12am… Ahh~ Good night~




まさいえ110!! by 翠花

Everyone is waking up! Good morning to all of you. ´7`
And I should really be sleeping. _(´ω`_ _)_

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