That moment when you have so many ideas and you’re excited to sketch all of them but you’re just not in the mood to draw…
That. Me. Right now. ;—;
Whyyy—-…! |||orz

Golly I dunno how many times me and lil sis watched Lego Movie!
Like, omg I think everyday. o___o;;

Darn darn darn darny darn! xD

Hmm, storm’s here. Good thing it didn’t rain much while I was driving earlier. ^7^
No worries, everyone! It’s just signal number 1 in our place so it’s really not that strong. Phew. (^︶^)

Stay dry, everyone! óuò

(Source: scales-and-fangs)





Some reference for you uketokugawaieyasu! I really like his skull banner!


I discovered this beautiful triptych of the famous undefeated and greatest warrior of the sengoku era, Honda Tadakatsu! The soft colors and the dignity of his pose as he takes a moment to pause before another battle rages…it’s beautiful!



Seeing Yukimura and Ieyasu fight is just—- siiiiiiiiiiigh. ///>///////////<///
It’s like, big bro Yuki and lil bro Yasu fighting over a dango. >///////////////<

And Tadakatsu looking at that dusty cloud where waifu is—!! Aaaaaaaahhh

omg Kanbei.

I know! Normally I don’t have feels for them but this time….why are there FEELS??!! Tenkai’s pained expression! And the whole patting on the head! He never did that before!!! T_____T
And now Oichi and those memories—!!! QAQ
*continues watching as I hold onto my pillow*
I wonder if they’ll show Tadatsugu…

Tenkai and Kobayakawa are just cute. ////o//7//o////

omg… I randomly started singing the nursery rhyme Baby Bumble bee that I think I am the only one who knows about it in the family and now mom won’t stop digging into it. omg and now she’s even youtube-ing it!!!

I am so embarrassed. >/////////////////////////////////<
Why did I even told her that, that song even have actions. >/////<

Oh my goooooooooooooooshhhhhhhhhhhh…!!!!!!!!?/////////////////

Because I want Tadatsugu in Gakuen Basara, toooooo!!! 。°(゜´Д`゜)°。

(Honestly, for the first time ever again, and I mean for the first time, I’ve finally drew a whole body. The last time I drew one was way way back when I was still so smaaaaall! x’D So this is still a little off tho. Have to practice more!)